Someone once advised me to run after him.
Now I´ve played it through a million times in my head and that´s what I´ve got here:

Inspirational Pepole

The Sorcerers Co used to turn lies into the truth.
It´s partly true and I know the location of its root.
He was one of Them, that´s not his most mentionable characteristic:
He knew the magic of repeating and that´s how he got me.

He called himself Love  after that foreign fashion.
All was silly but my heart was the most wrong.
It kept feeding him, seeing him as others trusted him as fools
Though my mind adored him twirling in half-truths.

He was never himself that time, in reality, I could only guess.
I accused his dreaminess of it and I need to confess:
The only time I hated him was every second morning
When he´d talked me into greeting the sun-white glory.

Still then he always came later, night-laugh had its toll.
He gave me more than wanted, held my hand, we had a stroll.
It was especially then when every cell of his screamed “Ai!” ´nd “Ai!”
Which echoed back from my neck never asking why.

Why was he playing Ai-Love game? Why was he repeating?
These impossible narratives of us? Those where definitely broken-winged.
He made them more real this way, although, at first I refused to believe.
In the end he got what he wanted, got me seized.

Almost. I´d have to be a lot more Japanese to make him win so easily.
But I was younger, felt higher plus puns enthralled me.
He reminded me of myself from when I was a little wiser,
A bit crueller, a lot cooler at spelling the shrubs of brier.

I need to wrap it in absurd words so you´d never recognise
So easily what´s on my mind
Considering what I want to say and tend to feel.
The Sorcerers Co turned it quite real.

Needs knowing lots of English, a tiny bit of Japanese or actually Chinese, mostly the Estoninan language or Me. Point out all funny and interesting mistakes I´ve made. Ty…